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About NOVA Relocation

Walter Vermeeren, CEO of NOVA Relocation Group : "We are extremely proud of what we have achieved as a relocation agency and specifically the talent in all our people. Our approach to you is one of partnership. NOVA Relocation Group is one of Europe's largest privately owned and totally independent relocation agencies".

With the most experienced and well-known team in the industry, we've provided the widest range of expat relocation services to Corporate HR for over 20 years.

We're well-acquainted with the many issues faced by both human resources management and their employees, be it moving domestically or internationally. We're dedicated to providing the most thorough expat relocation services available.

NOVA Relocation recognises that your company is unique – we listen to your needs.

NOVA Relocation is the one-stop-shop for expat relocation services around the world.


NOVA Relocation Offices

NOVA Relocation Belgium

NOVA Relocation Belgium has 2 offices: one in Sterrebeek (close to Brussels airport) and one in Ghent, covering the whole of Belgium. With a dedicated team of over 25 people, managed by our Operations Manager, Mrs. Fabienne Vanderkelen, we service over 200 international Corporations.

NOVA Relocation France

Our Paris office, led by General Manager, Mrs. Corinne Johansson, services important international companies throughout the whole of France. With a very experienced team of more than 40 people, NOVA Relocation France is one of the leading immigration and expat relocation services providers in France.



NOVA Relocation The Netherlands

Mrs Esmée Mos, our General Manager of NOVA Relocation Netherlands, is heading up a team of about 25 people and servicing the whole of the Netherlands. Amongst the Dutch customers you can find several corporations working with NOVA Relocation since 1997 and entrusting us not only with the typical immigration and relocation services, but also considerably with tenancy and property management.

NOVA Relocation UK

The UK office, run by our General Manager Mrs. Karen Pearson, services the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the relocation industry, Karen is leading an experienced team across the UK, delivering our core expat relocation services.


NOVA Relocation History

NOVA Relocation Group was founded in 1991 in Brussels using at that time the name Professional Relocation Services, Belgium and grew into a European relocation agency with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands & France. In 2004 PRS Europe had about 50 permanent, multi-lingual staff with several years of working experience in the field of human resources and European relocation.


In January 2004, PRS Europe joined a NYSE listed Relocation Management Company. With offices in over 43 countries, Global Certified Partners in over 150 countries and Global Centres of Excellence in Brussels, London, Chicago, Melbourne and Hong Kong, our group and parent company offered end-to-end control of your expat relocation programs.


In November 2008, following a friendly Management Buy-Out, we became in Belgium, The Netherlands and France fully independent again and changed names to NOVA Relocation Group. In 2009, NOVA Group strengthened their European presence with the addition of NOVA Relocation in the UK.


It is important to know that since the beginning of Professional Relocation Services, we have retained and kept the same management and the same key staff, as well as having the same ownership (except during the NYSE listed period of course).


NOVA Relocation Group is a professional relocation agency with offices in France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels & Ghent), The Netherlands (The Hague) and the UK (Preston). With over 20 years of experience with both local and international expat relocation services, we can ensure the high-level quality companies expect and need in today's ever-more interconnected and challenging world


  • Professionalism and quality are the key elements of NOVA's service delivery.

    HR manager of a Japanese company

  • I would like to thank everybody within NOVA for the professional support. I am sure I can count on all of you for the next relocation, back to Poland!"

    Expatriate employee with family working for a service company

  • It is not a dream. NOVA Relocation's quality services are real.

    HR department of an international chemical company

  • I found your relocation consultant a very professional partner with a high level of commitment.

    Expatriate employee with family working for a pharmaceutical company

  • I can only talk about your services with praise. Everything has been handled with a high level of professionalism and you were always very friendly and pro-active.

    Expatriate family moving to Brussels

  • NOVA's support is not only highly appreciated by our expatriates who save time and lots of frustrations, but also by HR for whom NOVA is a real partner.

    HR Director in automotive company